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Intelligence Analysis Training

Our courses have been developed from the international law enforcement environment and as such the training we provide is readily and easily adaptable to your law enforcement needs. Information and intelligence analysis is a set of basic principles and tenets which, once learned, transcend any one specific environment. As a result Allan Consultancy Ltd can ensure these principles and tenets are applied to the client's own particular environment to provide the optimum tailored training solution. These courses are run at various times and locations throughout the UK and worldwide for all individuals wishing to improve their analytical skills. We also cater for larger clients who may have a number of personnel they wish trained by delivering these courses on their own premises subject to a minimum number of participants. For further information on course availability, location and cost please contact us at

An Introduction to Intelligence Analysis

This course is designed as a 5 day introduction to the art and science of intelligence analysis. It covers the basics of analysis including;
  • information Vs intelligence
  • the application of the intelligence cycle
  • creative, critical and logical thinking
  • task definition and methodology
  • participant / client appropriate analytical tools, techniques and products. These will be agreed in discussion with the client to ensure they are tailored to the specific needs of the participant and the client. This holds true for all our courses, seminars and workshops.

All the following courses are designed as 5 day courses unless the 'Introduction to Intelligence Analysis' course has not been completed in which case each course will last 10 days.

Operational Intelligence Analysis

This course is aimed at individuals tasked with providing analysis for law enforcement officers leading operational investigations. The modules include;
  • collection planning
  • building arguments and recommendations
  • analysis of Competing Hypotheses
  • National Intelligence Model including N.I.M. compliant products
  • participant appropriate analytical tools, techniques and products e.g. Crime Pattern Analysis, Communication Analysis, Suspect Profiling, Financial Analysis, Market Analysis and Network Analysis.
Strategic Intelligence Analysis

This course is aimed at individuals tasked with providing analysis for middle or senior management involved in strategic decision making. The modules include;
  • project and collection planning
  • building arguments and recommendations
  • bias, assumptions and rationality
  • indicators and warnings
  • Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH)
  • scenario and futures writing
  • participant / client appropriate analytical tools, techniques and products
Type Specific Analytical Courses

The following three courses are designed to cover specific areas of analysis and are aimed at individuals tasked with undertaking that particular type of analysis.
  • Risk Analysis including the component parts of risk, the identification, analysis and control of risk, impact and probability, harm.
  • Threat Analysis including the component parts of threat, probability, methodology for measuring and ranking threat.
  • Open Source Analysis including source identification and evaluation, information management, data mining and data visualisation.
Allan Consultancy Ltd prides itself on delivering the best solution for our clients. All our courses are designed with modules that can be adapted to suit the needs of our client. If you believe you or your organisation could benefit from working with us please contact us at
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