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Providing resource saving solutions in Corporate Intelligence. See our 'News' page for further details.

We provide project and program evaluations. This includes delivering innovative yet practical solutions to ensure your project or program achieves its goals in the most effective and efficient manner.

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Analysis Management Seminars

These seminars are designed to give the stakeholders in information and intelligence analysis an appreciation of the role analysis and analysts can play in their particular area of responsibility. It is aimed primarily at those individuals who manage, or who would naturally task, analysts. These are one, two or three day seminars with the emphasis placed on how to achieve 'best added value' from analysts. Several Core Concepts are discussed including;

• Client involvement
• Tasking
• Deliverables
• Good practice v organisational culture
• Ownership
These seminars are interactive with facilitated group based discussion, plenary sessions and concrete outcomes in line with the Allan Consultancy ethos of delivering tailored solutions. For further information please contact us at

Information and Intelligence Workshops

These workshops are run as a potential solution to fill or close gaps identified within the client's management of information and intelligence. Again they are designed in close consultation with the client and are aimed at those whose remit relies partially or wholly on the proper use of information and intelligence. Several Core Concepts are covered including;

• The difference between information and intelligence
• Technology and Information Management
• Developing Information and Intelligence
• Source and Information evaluation

These workshops are designed to be practical with the participants working through a structured process to identify, analyse and control or reduce existing information and intelligence gaps. For further information please contact us at

Organised Crime Consultancy

Allan Consultancy can draw on the breadth and depth of many experienced individuals, particularly in the field of law enforcement. Our consultants have many years experience in developing efficient working practices for tackling international organised crime throughout and beyond the European Union. This includes multi-agency co-operation, international co-operation, Public Private Partnership, developing best practice guides and training all provided within our ethos of delivering tailored solutions to our clients. We are pleased to work with all Law Enforcement Agencies, International, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, Multi-national companies and European Union Bodies and Agencies. For further information please contact us at
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